Sacred Feminine Sexuality

A 7 weeks Online Course every Sunday from April 14th to May 26th



Sexual energy is the vital energy, creative energy, and sex is the origin of life. Our body, and more specifically our vagina, is the portal to life. In other times, this was revered, celebrated and honored… Sexuality was considered Sacred. However, in our times, talking about sexuality is taboo, a reason for shame, guilt, trauma, and control…

Our sexuality and bodies have been controlled for the benefit of the system, a tool to satisfy others, for the pleasure and entertainment of others, and we have forgotten the truth and power that resides in our sexuality and its pulse and impulse to rise and enlighten us. We can heal and be elevated through our sexuality.

To protect ourselves, we have focused on the genitals, we have disconnected from our ability to feel, we have separated our genitals from our heart and our consciousness and we have resigned ourselves to living segmented and only giving without feeling worthy of receiving.

The objective of this course is to know our bodies, to recover the sovereignty of our sexuality and to remind ourselves as sensual and sexual women, each one in our own unique expression of it. We are going to free ourselves from what blocks our creativity, and from the limitations of our sexuality, to make ourselves 100% responsible for our pleasure and experience and to remind ourselves free to choose how to express and live our sexuality, to unleash the wild woman within who is connected with her sexual energy to use it to meet her needs.

We are going to demystify orgasm, sex, masturbation and give a higher and deeper meaning to sex, penetration, to our genitals, getting to know our body, remembering loving self-touch, and ancestral medicines such as herbs for self-care and Yoni Eggs.

Yoni Eggs, are an ancient medicine that will accompany us on this journey to connect, unblock and heal our sexuality. We will learn its uses, benefits, how to use it safely, properties of the different crystals for you to choose the one that resonates more with you, and much more.

We are going to connect with our energies, set them in motion and transmute it to heal and manifest through Alchemical Breathing, remembering the Feminine Alchemy within, through the combination of meditation, movement and breath work.

We are going to recognize ourselves as cyclical women and we are going to connect with the Divine within and consummate the sacred marriage within us. We are complete.

We will remember ourselves as Freedom, Love and Passion.


  • 7 online Live classes of 2 and a half hours, starting Sunday, April 21, every Sunday until May 26, at 5pm EAT.

  • Access to extra recorded practices every week that you can download and practice at your own time.

  • Written material in PDF of the course theory every week, with information, practices and tools.

  • Bibliography and books in PDF so that you continue to deepen.

  • WhatsApp/Telegram group to be supported during the course, and a space to share and solve doubts.
  • All classes and materials will be in English.

Day 1 – Sunday 04/14: Limiting beliefs about sexuality

Day 2 – Sunday 04/21: Feminine Anatomy

Day 3 – Sunday 04/28: Feminine Cyclicality

Day 4 – Sunday 05/05: Yoni Eggs

Day 5 – Sunday 05/12: Loving Self-Touch and cultivation of sexual energy

Day 6 – Sunday 05/19: Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

Day 7 – Sunday 05/26: Sexual Alchemy

During the Live classes, we will mostly explore through the experience using different tools and technics such as Alchemical Breathing, Movement & Dance, Meditation, Visualizations, Journaling, Art-therapy, Oracle Cards and more.

My purpose is that you do not believe anything I say, but rather experience it for yourself and find your own truth and guidance 🙂


  • You live your sexuality with guilt, shame or pain–

  • You feel that you have blockages in your creativity.

  • You have difficulties manifesting the life you want and deserve.

  • You want to explore, heal and enjoy your sexuality and pleasure.

  •  You have irregular cycles or some diagnosis in your sexual organs: polycystic ovaries, fibroids, vaginismus…

  •  You have painful periods or PMS

  •  You experience infections in your genitals repeatedly

  • You want to heal your uterus from any traumatic experience, memories of pain, energies that are not yours…

  • You feel that sex does not satisfy you, you think that there is something wrong with you, that you are asexual, that you do not enjoy it…

  • You feel that there is something more than what you experience in your sexual relations

  • You want to heal your feminine and your relationship with being a woman, with your body and integrate and heal your masculine finding balance.


The Early Bird price if you book before March 30th is 320€. After that the full price is 380€.

There is no possibility to only attend some of the classes. The course is booked as a whole and if you miss one of the classes, they will be recorded although the practices that we will do in class require you to be present.

To book your spot, please contact me and I will send you the registration forms and payment options in Paypal, Wise or M-pesa so that you can send the full course amount to secure your spot.
If you need any other payment plan, I´m happy to talk about it 🙂

Spots are limited.

If you have any questions, doubts or something you would like to discuss or clarify about the course, please get in touch with me: +254719881779 or

I´m really looking forward to heal and unleash our full potential together!

Lots of Love


The event is finished.


Apr 14 2024 - May 26 2024


5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 14 2024 - May 26 2024
  • Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm