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Love is my religion and Nature is my goddess. I identify as a fairy in human form. Child of the Earth represents my reverence for Mother Nature and how she guides me throughout my life and spiritual work. A little glimpse into my initiation into sound healing/nada yoga: ~ Closing my eyes, I allow the sound of the Tibetan singing bowls to flow through and permeate every cell of my body. My brain begins to vibrate with the high bowl’s song, and it soon melts, along with my physical body. I feel a new awareness beyond the physical body as my chakras resonate, and these energy centres come alive with power and harmony. That ancient voice guides me into space, a deeply comforting darkness where glowing orbs hover with answers to the mysteries of the universe. A deep growl reverberating from the largest bowl takes me centuries, millennia back, to a temple high in the Himalayan mountains whose sacred carvings begin to glow a dark orange. We are sitting in deep meditation muttering mantras of protection and healing, vibrating in resonance with the essence of the universe – AUM. My present soul joins the gathering and a voice murmurs “Welcome back, child.” ~ More about this journey on my personal website at

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Narissa is a sound alchemist who facilitates journeys deep inside oneself and beyond to heal, relax, restore harmony, connect to one’s emotions, meet spirit guides, and expand consciousness. She works majorly with the Himalayan singing bowls, Indian bamboo flute (bansuri) and voice; as well as the Vietnamese dragon gong, the African kalimba, rattles and shakers. She also loves teaching pranayama breathing techniques, hatha yoga, and various forms of meditation and mindfulness that keep one present and centered every moment of the day. She works with and through the power and guidance of nature. She offers: Sound & Energy Medicine Chakra Clearing & Activation Personal & Couples Sound Healing Group Sound Baths Corporate and Organisational Workshops Ceremonies Circles Songs and Chants Nature Channeling/Communication Pranayama & Hatha Yoga Meditation Moment-to-Moment Mindfulness



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