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Welcome to Golden Whispers from Above…..My name is Raj Kamal Garg and I am an Akashic Records Channel, Psychic / Medium, Past Life/Soul Regressionist, Life-Coach and Teacher ♥ I am also an Access Bars Facilitator.  

I am an honest reader, so please keep an open mind; I am not here to give you false hopes or say things to make you feel better; and, I am not here to judge you, but rather to help you with your situations.  MY GOAL IS TO BE COMPLETELY AUNTHETIC WITH THE SPIRIT WORLD & MY CLIENT.

I am not a fortune teller as this is “information”…..I am guided to “wisdom” as this is the ESSENCE towards the SOUL GROWTH. I focus on engaging for only one valid reason – TO UNDERSTAND & ACCESS THE ROOT OF THE MENTAL & EMOTIONAL SOURCE OF YOUR PSYCHOLOGICAL OR PHSYICAL DISTRESS – KARMIC OR ENERGETIC. My direction is to teach you how to hear and trust God’s guidance through your inner voice, as that is what ultimately heals you. AWAKENING YOU TO YOUR DIVINITY is my ultimate goal.  

My methods of working are a combination of being clairvoyant, trance, & telepathy along with the help of my Oracle Angel Cards & crystals; however, the Angels, my Divine Team & Spirit Guides are the core.

I am very passionate with helping you discover, understand & release old pain, negative patterns, evil spells & energies, limiting beliefs, traumas & emotional stress that have been stored in your energy field & body. My sole role is to empower you to heal & enlighten yourself so that you can independently move forward in your soul journey.

Energetic healing not only heals the mind, body & spirit but also helps in differentiating between the ego-self & true self. Also, increased energy, an enhanced feeling of well being, boosted self-esteem, & stress relief are further on experienced. I tremendously enjoy sharing spiritual wisdom and practical healing techniques as a Teacher.

As a Psychic worker & Medium, channelizing with the Spirit World and providing authentic intuitive readings when you need clarity and insight in the areas of career, relationships, health, finances, and spiritual connections is another core goal that I focus on. As a Medium, connecting with the Ascended Masters, Divine Beings of Light, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, becoming a trance channel in the process to your DECEASED LOVED ONE(s) is another primary role I focus on.

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Business/Executive/Leadership Coaching, Conscious Careers Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Family Coaching, Group Coaching, Life Coaching, Outdoor Therapy Coaching

Counselling and Psychology

Holistic Psychology, Shadow and Light Work


Talk Therapy

Traditional Healing and Medicine


Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Reiki Healing

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation Facilitation/Guiding, Mindfulness Facilitation

Gender specific

Integral Coaching for Men, Men’s Circles

Shamanism and Esoteric Practices

Ancestral Healing/Ancestor Work, Angel Healing, Mediumship, Mystic Healing


Ancestral reading, Channelling, Divination, Oracle Cards, Psychic Reading or Healing, Soul (Path) Reading / Purpose, Tarot readings


Holistic Parenting