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The Conscious Kenya Affiliate Program

Let’s build our conscious community together 🫂, and earn while at it 💵!

We would like to invite you, our community, to help grow our directory of practitioners, wellness businesses and eco-vendors to represent the diversity of knowledge, healing practice and conscious products available in Kenya. 💫

🌍 Please recommend your favourite practitioners, eco-vendors, wellness businesses and venues – and you will get a commission of 5% from each membership!

How it works

  1. Log into
  2. Return to this page (link in footer) to Sign up for the affiliate program, via the registration link which will appear right here, above ⬆️
  3. Return to this page to get started right away! Your unique referral link will appear on this page which you can immediately share widely to invite practitioners and conscious businesses to join the community!
  4. You can always access your affiliate dashboard on this page. Here you will have a record of all your referrals and commissions/earnings, which we will pay out to you monthly!

Why should I join?

⭐ We get to grow the community of trusted recommended healers and conscious businesses together
⭐ Practitioners and conscious vendors get visibility and customers to live off their passion and purpose
You get to earn upto 24000/- a month by just signing up 10 people!

It’s a win-win-win for everyone and for consciousness rising!

If you just want to simply recommend a wellness practitioner, venue, conscious business or eco-vendor, but DON’T want to be a part of the affiliate program, please share their information below 😎


Recommend a practitioner or conscious business!