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Firstly, I am grateful & happy to have you visit my profile and take out time to read about what we do! 🙂

My name is Husein Harniswala, and I have been working professionally in the alternative/holistic space since 2016. The year 2015 was more about working on myself & identifying my true love & calling in this lifetime; which is working with animals through alternative/holistic space. I was lucky to have a wonderful friend & mentor @raj-kamal-garg support & guide me in these early steps of my spiritual path, and now we as life-partners, work towards nourishing each other to spread love & light all around.

From 2016 to April 2022 I have worked on several animal cases back in India, using Intuitive Energy Healing Therapy, combining it with Animal Communication, Bach flower Remedies & Bowen Therapy.
After moving to Nairobi in May 2022, I have also had the opportunity to work on quite a number of cases already, where the pet parents have seen significant improvement in the overall wellness of their pet dogs, cats, birds & horses.

Also, I have learnt and practiced Access Bars modality since 2019, and it has helped a lot of people and children feel much more at ease, lighter, and help them change many aspects of their life & body.

I am really grateful for the Universe to have given me the opportunity to come to Kenya & work as a medium of light for the seekers! And there is no end to the spiritual journey as we keep learning & growing each day!!

Thank you!!
Love & Light!!

Practice Description

Following is a brief description about the various modalities that we practice:

  1. Animal Communication – This is a technique where we use our power of telepathy to connect to the animals to understand them better & more in depth. This helps with the following cases –
    • Lost pet – It has helped many pet parent’s reunite with their missing pets.
    • Human & pet bonding – A lot of pet parent’s are not able to understand the personality, behavioral traits, cause & conditioning, along with the triggers to the way their pet behaves; communication helps bridge that gap to a great extent.
    •  Connecting with deceased pet – It does become really difficult for a lot of us to imagine our lives without our pet animals, and after they have left the physical body, it does become important for some of us to get a closure. After seeking permission from the deceased soul & the divine energies, we connect & communicate.
  2. Intuitive Energy Healing Therapy – I say that this method is a gift from the Universe to me, as I have never learnt it, yet have been very effectively using it on many animals as well as humans. In this technique we tap into the energetic space of the being worked upon, understanding their energetic,spiritual & emotional health and thereafter working towards healing all the deep-rooted issues. This helps in cases where there are health issues, emotional issues & behavioral concerns.
  3. Bach Flower Remedies – This is a UK based therapy that works through the vibrations/energies of 38 different flowers. Each flower works on a particular emotion/ behavioral trait , helping oneself bring the changes that they are looking for. This works well both for humans as well as animals. Basis the consultation we have with the client, we prepare a mix using a few of the flower remedies, knowing it would help in that case.
  4. Access Bars – This is one of the most simple yet powerful tool/modality that I have come across. It is a gentle hands-on technique that quiets the mind. ‘Getting your Bars run’ (what we call it when you receive it) allows people to lay back, not have to ‘do’ anything and just receive. The Bars are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, can release anything that does not allow you to receive. This modality has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their body and their life including sleep, health & weight, money, sex & relationships, anxiety, stress, and so much more.
  5. Bowen Therapy for Animals –  This is a non-invasive hands-on technique of gentle moves to maneuver certain soft tissues, muscles & ligaments at specific parts of your dog/cat/horse’s body, which really helps with any kind of musculoskeletal & neurological concerns. It is really beneficial for old animals & animals suffering from arthritis, muscle pains, joint paints, nerve issue, hip dysplasia, issue with the spine, IVDD & much more.
  6. Canine Nutrition – We all know that our body needs nutritious food to stay healthy, without any ailments; it is the same for our four-legged dogs. It is scientifically proven that most of the commercial dog food in the market is unhealthy for the dogs in the long run. Also, if you are giving them home cooked food, and it is not a balanced one, then even that is bad. Considering the age, breed, gender and health history of the dog, we prepare a completely balanced meal plan for them which includes detailed recipes and ingredients, along with material to help you on how to cook & store. We also include supplements to the food to ensure it is completely balanced. We also prepare special meal plan for dogs who are suffering from any ailments(s), so that the food can work as a catalyst to their healing.


Massage Therapy and Physical Manipulation

Bowen Technique, Lymphatic drainage Massage, Myofascial release Therapy

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Bach Flower Remedies, Nutrition

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Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing

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Animal Communicator

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Channelling, Oracle Cards, Psychic Reading or Healing


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