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“Your healing heals the world!”

Hello and welcome, I am so happy that you have landed on my page. I truly believe it is destiny rather than coincidence. You are so meant to be here with me and I am both honored and overjoyed with your presence!

I am Jenna, an authentic connection therapist. I have spent many years practicing and elevating my intuitive skills and I feel that a heart-centered approach to healing is the most effective path for anyone wishing to understand themselves better or seeking relief from an issue that is causing them to struggle in life. We are rarely ever fully healed. Healing is a wonderfully splendid, lifelong endeavor that compliments your life and your earthly experiences. It is an important part of your journey to discovering your true self. I affectionately refer to it as your Authentic Connection with yourself!

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I combine practices like Reiki, Pranic healing, crystal healing, space healing, and constellation therapy to bring peace and wellness to your soul and your life. Sometimes you just need a little bit of grounding work and other times might call for a more in-depth session that opens up the needed space for your healing to take place. I meet you at your level of self-discovery and we build from there, together.

My deep desire to help people is completely authentic and organic. I too once needed a safe place to learn about and explore the pieces of me that needed healing. For me, hypnosis was life-changing and once I had tapped into that, my growth was immediate, and I mean immediate. After my very first hypnosis session, I was able to quit all of my prescription medication, just like that. Your experience will be different, but will still be profound and impactful for you. Let me help guide you to that better version of yourself that you know is there. Let that little voice that whispers for you heal yourself become your mighty roar and start living your best life today!

My deepest thanks to you for reading my story and visiting my website!





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