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My name is Zainab Jagani, I am a Deep Transformational Coach, a Mental Health First Aider, a Developmental facilitator for self-development workshops and an aspiring Associate Certified Coach.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister but underneath all those labels, I am a spiritual being on this journey of life just like each of you.

This journey has been magnificent, arduous, painful, joyous and transformative. I answered to the call of growth and transformation in 2015 unaware of the tenacious yet beautiful path I was about to embark upon.

Being supported with tenderness and care during this tumultuous time by individuals who were literally angels on earth became an inspiration for the work that I do. To hold another and witness this amazing transformation is indeed an honor and a blessing to be part of, I hold this very dear and consider the process sacred.

Practice Description

Deep Transformational Coaching

When an individual is undergoing a process of shift in any aspect of their lives, be it professional or personal, it is paramount that they are held and supported in a way that enables the experience to be an opportunity of growth for them.

Using an ontological approach, which simply means I attend to the deeper state of “being” of a person rather than the transactional “doing” of that individual, I co- create a safe, trusting space with my client to allow an emergence of new possibilities.

This sometimes requires a ‘letting go’ of emotions or limiting thoughts that have run their course within an individual or a ‘letting come’ of inspiring emotions and empowering intentions that serve the clients journey. Letting this experience unfold allows a shift in being within the clients’ life such that they experience themselves and life at large in a different way. This naturally then creates a change in action and behavior within the individual.

Mental Health First Aiding

As a certified community fit champion I am aware of various mental health conditions and am sensitive to these when working with clients who have been diagnosed with various conditions. I readily refer clients to therapists and psychologists when the need arises. I am passionate about generating conversations regarding mental health awareness.

Developmental Facilitation of workshops

With my training in facilitation of workshops and deep coaching, I have enjoyed creating transformative workshops for institutions and organizations to create a company culture that nurtures healthier well-being of their staff, this then translates to better efficacy.

There is an extensive range of topics that I can facilitate to heighten self-awareness, self-management and relationship management in an interactive and engaging manner.

Reiki Healing Level 1

I have learnt Reiki Healing Level 1 and look forward to developing this skill to further Levels to share healing with clients in combination with coaching sessions as and where I feel intuitively called to.



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